Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Let's see here, I got an iron man mask and I got this sword that clicks right here in my hand. And then I got a Hannah Montana camera and a light saber, Handy Manny tv, a Hannah Montana necklace, and Hannah Montana boots. Santa came down the chimney, it was so, so, so fun! Oh and I got a glitter ball thats in my playroom. 

S.O.S. Santa, A Play by Mrs. Holder's Third Grade Class

Ready, ok, "It's what I can I do for you, I heard Santa's S.O.S. and I have come to help!" I was the Statue of Liberty and I said it loud. (she said her lines loud) It was a Christmas play and it was about dressing up and doing some funky moves and after that I got to hug my parents.