Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ummm, huhhh, Oh yeah, what's that say? Can you read it to me mommy. Mommy you don't have to repeat everything I say. Ok, ready, Hi everyone, my name is Alex. This is my blog and my aunt mush and my Ning a Ning are watching and I'm jumping on the couch. Anywhoo, ok, well I went to third grade. And my teacher was Mrs. Holder. Anywhoo, and then the first day started and then I had lots of fun. I know what else, and then after that we had so much fun and we played on the playground and that was the end of our show. Goodnight everyone, WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bigs and Alex

Ok, Oh huh, ready, k, once upon a time there was a 51 named Bigs and then after that, this little grown up mommy here her name is Amanda Beth Holder. Right momma!!? Ok ready, (mommy you don't have to repeat everything I say, Mommy!) I know, then there was some exercising tv and they went (picture me jumping). So me and Bigs had fun. See computer, see! So that was our day of fun and we didn't go swimming after all because it was raining. Goodnight, goodnight everyone and remember Chuck E. and my friend French Fries are going to be here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping Cart

Ready, ummm once upon a time ok there was ummm we went to Braums and then a huge package came. And there was a shopping cart named french fries. Ummm (sidenote to mom: What does it have in it?) And then my bear named Chocolate Chip is sitting in it and I have my mommy's self phone. See computer, see!! And then (what else did I do momma) I played with the pretend food and then this morning me and my mommy played a game of shopping cart and then she went in the kitchen and I said "can you return this" and she worked in her office. Once upon a time there was a mascot named French Fries. And then he vistited other people and he talked. I didn't know he talked. Did you? He worked at Sonic. And then he gave us this bean breakfast burrito thing and I ate the peppermint. That's the end. Wahooo. Goodnight everyone!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day of Fun with Kristen and Alex

Ok, umm, I know, me and Kristen had a popsicle and then after that guess what we did! We watched a little bit of tv. And then I spun around and we played some games. Ummm (lol) Kristen and I played Balloon Lagoon and it was so much fun. I could have probably blowed my head off. You know the Culbertson's mom, she came over to visit me while my mom was gone to her meeting and then I spent a lot of time with my mommy. And I got a haircut. Wahooooo. Goodbye!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Earlier me and my friend named Alfred went to my favorite place named Chuck E. Cheese. Ok anyway, so, well me and Alfred had a good time. Alfred sat down and we ate some pizza and then after that my best friend came out. Guess who it is! Chuck E. So I danced with him a little bit and then he clapped his hands and then he went back to bed. Me and Alfred got that kid stamp and then that was the full day. Thanks for joining us today kids.